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Snatch Box Yoni Oil


Ingredients include Clove, Oregano, Tea Tree, Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil.
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Benefits include: Eliminating and Preventing Bacteria, Fights Candida, Reducing Pain and Inflammation, Promote Skin health, Treat BV, Cold sores,  Keeps vagina tight and more. This product is a natural antibiotic. 

How to use - Spread a few drops on your finger tips and apply onto vaginal area. This oil is great for after sex to prevent bad bacteria or pain. Promotes women’s health. Can also be rubbed on during or after a shower. Safe for the entire body. May also be put inside of a capsule and insert into vagina overnight. 

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I HAD!! To come on here again because I just noticed something right now. This oil also helps with stretch marks on your inner thighs next to your yoni. I just noticed that my purple reddish brownish stretch marks that I got on my second pregnancy are white now and you can barely see them 😱
Like I said, I'm shocked. That's crazy..
Please keep making this oil🌺💕

This Yoni oil is the truth!

This snatch box yoni oil helps exactly what it says it helps out with I am shocked. This lovely oil is a must on your website. You got a customer for life this is the only oil I will buy from anyone. Please keep it stocked don't change the ingredients this is a magical potion for my kitty 😸

Snatch Box Yoni Oil!

So, I am a new GB customer. So far I’ve been using the snatch box bar soap and the yoni oil. I am typically very sensitive and for that reason I have only been using natural soaps that are yoni safe. Well let me just rave about this company! I have not had any sensitivity. This oil is amazing! I always apply coconut oil to my yoni after I shower, but since receiving this oil it’s all I’ve been using. I love the smell and just the way it makes me feel fresh and well-balanced. I will definitely purchase this yoni oil again.


This oil is the BEST! It really tightens!!!!!! Had me feeling like a born again virgin! Lol. Seriously! Perfect for after sex, leaves your vagina feeling calm, soothed and super smooth. Definitely worth the money! All of granted beauty products are the TRUTH!

Nice, smooth!

I really love this yoni oil, it leaves my vag nice and smooth! I can’t really explain it, but especially when I use it after intimacy, it makes her feel so calm. The only thing is that over bearing sent of oregano, which a lot of reviews mentioned. It more so lingers on my hands, but it’s not the worst thing in the world. Just wash your hands after and use a strong scented body butter

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