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The benefits of this yoni bar includes eliminating and Preventing Bacteria, Fighting Candida, Reducing Pain and Inflammation, Promoting Skin health, natural relief from bacterial vaginosis, Natural Antibiotic, Keeps vagina tight and more. This bar is great for after sex to help get rid of bad bacteria or pain. Safe for full body!  

Ingredients include Clove, Oregano, Tea Tree, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Much More 

Designs and colors vary. Photo shown is only a stock photo

Customer Reviews

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2nd Fav!!!

Love this soap. Def does what it says. I like the color combo. Very satisfying. Makes you feel squeaky clean. Highly recommend.

Yes, ma’am!

This soap is the truth! My ph was thrown off and I noticed a potential yeast infection. I was trying to figure out if I should grab the over-the-counter stuff, but then noticed I had my snatch soap that I hadn’t opened. I researched natural ways of curbing it and all the ingredients were in the soap. Literally within a day or so of using it, it cleared things up! It is effective and I have since ordered two more bars to have! Thank you!

Best soap ever!!!

This is my second time using the soap and i truly believe in it!! Keeps me smelling good all day! No odor and my husband can tell the difference! :)
Will be ordering more when the site restock! Can't wait!!


Love it

Snatchbox 😻

Goodbye Dove & Hello Granted Beauty! This is my 1st time ordering and I can’t wait until it’s back in stock so that I can order again! My boyfriend was asking what have I been doing because lately I’ve been super tight (sorry if that was TMI), but I’m keeping it a secret for now lol! Can’t wait to try GSpot and the Goddess Bar!

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