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GSPOT yoni bar


Ingredients- Goats Milk, Aloe, Hemp seeds, Hemp Oil, Citrus and Tea Tree

Benefits- Very powerful antibacterial and antiseptic properties and can help speed up the healing of damaged skin. Good for tightening the vagina. Effective for treating oily skin, acne, dark spot, And was and psoriasis, eczema and cold sores. Fights body odor and helps to fight vaginal infections This bar will leave you with a squeaky clean feel if used on body, please be sure to moisturize after use. 

How it works

There are many reasons why vaginal tissue may become loose such as childbirth, sexual activity, no exercise, and so much more. Our Gspot formula helps by restoring healthy tissues that help to tone the vagina. This formula gives natural healing that helps to retract the muscles and tissue to its original form. This formula also helps to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

Designs and colors vary. Photo shown is only a stock photo and comes with one bar of soap



Customer Reviews

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G-Spot Bar

I love the sent & the way it lathers on my skin. Since using natural soaps, my cramps have become none existent during my cycle. Only negative is that the bars are small compared to other natural soaps I have used. I ordered multiple and they are all different sizes. 😢

This is everything!

This is hands down best yoni soap I've ever had. It helped my acne, my dark spots, ingrowns... I'm in love with this soap for the benefits, but it most definitely lives up to its name as well.

S. Thomas
I love it!!!


Andrea Marcellus
Love it

I got this soap as a surprise for my mom and she loves it so much. She talked about how creamy it is and how it lathers so well. When she came out of the shower, I asked her if she used the soap and if she liked it and she went on and on about how fresh she felt when she came out of the shower. I highly recommend this soap, especially as a little thank you gift for your mom/sister, etc.


This was my first yoni purchase ever and I must say I’m glad I decided to purchase from granted! There is such a difference! I love the smell and I look forward to my other bars as well. Definitely a forever customer 🥰

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