Granted Beauty

Goddess Yoni Bar


This herbal yoni soap provides a natural remedy to help with bacteria causing BV, yeast infections and urinary infections. This yoni bar will help to balance pH naturally. This soap will help brighten your vaginal area and keep you smelling fresh all day. Can be use for the face and yoni. This bar also helps when TTC. 

Ingredients- Grapefruit, Lavender, Oregano, Lemon, Honey, Olive Oil and Sweet Almond Oil

Designs and colors vary. Photo shown is only a stock photo and comes with one bar of soap

Customer Reviews

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Quintiana Wilborn

I haven’t received the package yet but I always order this bar and I can’t live without it. I want nothing else for my body I’m in love and I will go crazy if I dnt get my soap please please please love ya


This soap is my backup for the gspot, but it does everything right. This bar does no wrong and does exactly what it says in the description. I really feel clean afterwards and helps ease any irritation.

Bronwen L Borunda

I love love love Granted beauty products! What I do not love is how long it takes to receive my orders. I recieved a "product review" email yesterday but still don't have my order!? Ordered on October 22nd, a month and 2 days later, still waiting. Why are we even paying for shipping? I understand this is a small independent business, but waiting over a month, for a business that's based here in the US, just doesn't make sense.

JaNiyah BondEdwards

Love this soap, I've notice a difference with the Goddess Yoni Bar to when I was using Dove. Granted Beauty is a life saver to me, I feel more cleaner than to when I was using Dove.

Andrea Marcellus
Yoni and Face

Started ordering about 3 weeks ago and I already made another order. Granted Beauty can take all my money. I alternate between Goddess Yoni and Snatch Box, I love how they both make me feel. In all honesty , imma stick to Goddess Yoni for my coochie, I just love how my yoni feels afterwards (aka fresh, clean, waterfalls). Snatch Box definitely has its perks as well, so I keep it in the shower just in case. I don't even have to use my boric acid suppositories anymore. I used Goddess Yoni one time in the shower and there was no reason for me to feel sexy as f*ck when I got out. The smell is bomb af! Don't hesitate to get this soap, especially you can use daily! I've also used it a few times on my face when my period came and my bumps already went down as well as my dark spots clearing up. Period cramps were very very light , almost didn't feel them. Thank you Granted Beauty.

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