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Goddess Yoni Bar

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This herbal yoni soap provides a natural remedy to help with bacteria causing BV, yeast infections and urinary infections. This yoni bar will help to balance pH naturally. This soap will help brighten your vaginal area and keep you smelling fresh all day. Can be use for the face and yoni. This bar also helps when TTC. 

Ingredients- Grapefruit, Lavender, Oregano, Lemon, Honey, Olive Oil and Sweet Almond Oil

Designs and colors vary. Photo shown is only a stock photo and comes with one bar of soap

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Love! Love! LOVE ✨

Sharita Fields
Never Thought

I never thought I would find a replacement for Eve, but I did and I am so very happy with my Yoni Soap!!

kay carrington

I absolutely love thus soap! It smells very refreshing and earthy at the same time , makes me feel super clean and all throughout the day. I use it on my yoni each time after intercourse and keeps me fresh and the smells away!! I noticed i didn’t have to use my natural boric acid suppositories since purchasing this soap as i had a recent issue with BV. Ladies keep this one stacked up ALWAYS😸


So glad I purchased four of these. Don’t know if this help for cramps or not but this morning I woke up with no pain. The annoying discharge that always come around after my monthly was also gone. Usually I use boric acid for that issue but I rather start using this soap now.

I recommend this product

For anyone who is suffering with what is listed above this is a perfect remedy it has helped my yoni out so much and I feel super refreshed every day I use it on my face morning and night as well my skin is super clear. At times as a lady you get tiny little rips and cuts down there out of nowhere and this helps so much to heal the inflammation and irritation.

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