This Self Care Planner is your well guide that will help you take a journey with your vagina to find out what you and your body really needs. This planner includes help with planning your vagina routine and self care routine, help with vagina health checks, help setting intentions and completing goals, and so much more with plenty of space to take time for yourself and write what you need. 


There are 3 options for this planner 

               1. Pussy Planner Kit- Comes with 1 planner, 1 healing energy candle, 1 body oil, 1 vsteam      and one mini yoni scrub. (Comes with free digital copy)

                  2. Printed Planner- Comes with One Printed Copy of the Planner and One Digital Copy.

              3. Digital Copy Only (Purchase under digital copy)


All copies come with a a digital copy. Digital download will be sent with shipment for option 1 and 2. 


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