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Love it

I love them all and the colors are beautiful. They clean very well and smell nice can't pick a favorite because I love them all equally


I have been using this toner for almost a month, along with the coffee bar, and it has cleared my acne up!! I still have some scars but I can see them slowly disappearing!! It did not disappoint.

Snatch Box
Very refreshing!

I tried the snatch box soap for the first time after my cycle and I felt super clean. It lathers very well and smells amazing. The oregano within the soap def helped with the usual pain I would have during my cycle. No smell or anything. Def will purchase again !

Sex Drive Yoni Oil

Slip, slide and enjoy the ride😜.

Sex Drive Bar
Laura Millard
Whew Chile.....

I recently purchased this soap and oil to see if it does what it says and does!! Man didn't wanna stop!! Ladies, it is a must buy but a little word of warning: you might wanna stock up on pregnancy tests after using 🤣🤣🤣!! Customer FO LIFE!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Lip Set
Ebony Edmonds

I love the lip set my lips are very soft will continue to use .I will purchase this set again

Snatch Box Bar & Oil!

I have to admit, these two seriously kept me refreshed and feeling amazing. I had oral surgery and with that came 10 days of antibiotics 🥴. I kid you not, I used the snatch box soap and the oil every day I was taking the antibiotics along with my Chobani probiotic drink and I did not have one adverse reaction which typically comes along with taking antibiotics so long. This soap is the truth! It's very pretty but believe me it does exactly what it says. My yoni is extremely sensitive and I purchased this combo off the reviews alone and I'm not disappointed. I also have the Sex Drive soap and the Oil, does what it says...💦💦💦☺. Please keep this bar around it's a lifesaver!!!

Dream Facial Moisturizer Butter

I tried using this on my face but since I already have oily skin, it was too heavy for my face. BUT I now use this everywhere except my face and it is perfect for my dry skin. It makes my skin feel so soft and leaves it moisturized for the entire day. Will definitely be purchasing again. No more store bought lotion for me.

Lavender Baby Butter
Tyra Maddry

I totally love this product for my kids! It is amazing and smell wonderful.

Yoni Bars
Terri B
Sex Drive Bar and Oil

I have been using this bar and oil combo for almost a month now and I can't get enough!!! It leaves you feeling clean and the smell is amazing. I must even say that we've noticed more umm excitement " down there" like almost not pulling out TMI but you must know that these soaps are the truth. I was an avid Honey Pot gal til I found Granted Beauty and I'm glad I did. I also have Snatch box bar and the oil so my review is coming for that too. I have ordered more soaps to keep my stash up. THIS IS A MUST HAVE!!!

Yoni Bars
Zenani Bradham
You have to try them ALL!!!

I love all of Granted Beauty products. My favorites are Luminous Gem bar, Snatchbox, Gspot, exfoliating scrubs, yoni wash, and body oils. Love them all you are left feeling clean and refreshed.

Summer Shower Gel
Vekeisheia Castilow
Cucumber melon

I love the green shower gel it makes my skin feel so clean and it smells sooo good !

GSPOT yoni bar

This was my first yoni purchase ever and I must say I’m glad I decided to purchase from granted! There is such a difference! I love the smell and I look forward to my other bars as well. Definitely a forever customer 🥰


I struggle with hormonal acne, and this soap definitely helped clear my face up. Light soft scent, also it lathers amazingly.

Sex Drive Yoni Oil
Kweilin Beckner
Yes yes yes

All I am going to say my man loves this I used it on him one time and let's just say it gets put to good use once the kiddos are in bed 🥰🥰🥰🥰

Love! Love! LOVE ✨

Goddess Yoni Bar
Sharita Fields
Never Thought

I never thought I would find a replacement for Eve, but I did and I am so very happy with my Yoni Soap!!


It really works!💗

I got this bar not too long ago and I fell in love with the smell 💓 it smells unique & sweet it’s something you gotta experience it yourself. I cut my bar in half because it’s huge and the lather is amazing ! my man loved it said my 😻 smells amazing . I honestly love all her products I’ve purchased

Coffee Shower Scrub 8oz
Laurie Daniel
Best scrub ever

First off love all the soaps.. This coffee scrub is the best.. My skin irritates more so in the summer months.. fines bumps..long story shorts used this and within a day I saw a difference.. A must have and it’s smells good

Honey oatmeal

I just got this soap last week and I just love the size of it !! I cut it into 4 so it can last longer but so far I love it it makes my face super soft when I use it and I love the creamy lather . Also smells very good and light . Every thing that I’ve tried from granted beauty I just love 💕

Strawberry Crush Body Bar
Sherri Greene
Feels amazing on body

Light-scented bar is perfect when lathered on skin. The oils in this bar has your skin moisturized after bathing. Serves as a Deep cleanser removing any excess impurities out of your skin. Perfect for dry and eczema prone skin.

Snatch Box
The Truth

This soap is the truth! It is in a league of its own. It keeps you fresh and odor free ALL DAY…. Yes, even in the summer. I am so confident when I bathe with this soap.

Snatch Box
Cherelle Mills

Okay, so I was curious about this brand and soap, that I drove all the way there and back to purchase. To make a long story short, I got home and got straight to it lol! I felt the cleanest I've ever felt, and the smell had me in love. It literally does EXACTLY what is said in the description😏😻 so Ladies, be prepared to have to fight bae off after this🤣. I was shocked, legit. Def worth the time and experience to go and buy! Will be coming back, but I'm being VERY gentle with my use of it (it lathers REALLY good) no need to go crazy ♥️

Pure Turmeric
Bianca Jackson
Best soap EVERRR

Literally the best soap hands down, Brightens the skin keeps it glowing and clears the skin just the way you it thank god for granted beauty