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Summer’s Eve & Honey Pot could never!!


Wasn’t gone buy at first because oil always broke my face out. Using this with the coffee scrub has my face looking so much better. Ended up buying three more bottles and four bars. Please, don’t ever change what you’re doing. Customer for life!!

Listen !!!!!

This boobie juice is the truth !!!! I’ve been dealing with nipple thrush for over a month. I started using this on a Friday and it was cleared up by Monday. Now I use it in the regular. You changed the game with this one !!!!


I had this bar since 8/2019 and I tried it for the first time today. It left my skin feeling so smooth and soft. I have only one more left. I hope this will be making a comeback 🙂, plus I also love the way it looks in this pic...make it the same color too.


I absolutely love thus soap! It smells very refreshing and earthy at the same time , makes me feel super clean and all throughout the day. I use it on my yoni each time after intercourse and keeps me fresh and the smells away!! I noticed i didn’t have to use my natural boric acid suppositories since purchasing this soap as i had a recent issue with BV. Ladies keep this one stacked up ALWAYS😸


I’m gone just say that St Ives went into the trash & this with the newnu oil has my face looking great.

Goddess Yoni Bar

So glad I purchased four of these. Don’t know if this help for cramps or not but this morning I woke up with no pain. The annoying discharge that always come around after my monthly was also gone. Usually I use boric acid for that issue but I rather start using this soap now.

Pure Turmeric
Love It

Received my product yesterday and decided to use it in the shower. This morning a noticed a little glow. Can just imagine how my face will look in a month. Will be buying more the next restock.

Luminous Gem Bar

By far one of my favorites! It has helped shrink the pores in my face and lowered break outs ! I Hope This Restocks its the bomb!

Yes, ma’am!

This soap is the truth! My ph was thrown off and I noticed a potential yeast infection. I was trying to figure out if I should grab the over-the-counter stuff, but then noticed I had my snatch soap that I hadn’t opened. I researched natural ways of curbing it and all the ingredients were in the soap. Literally within a day or so of using it, it cleared things up! It is effective and I have since ordered two more bars to have! Thank you!

Smells Amazing

This body butter smells amazing. It smells just like some juicy pineapples. It’s very moisturizing after a shower. Purchase this because you won’t regret it.


Only a month of use and my skin is softer and glowing! Oil is not thin and watered down. Very thick but not too thick that your face has that greasy feel. Will be buying more of this product!! Awesome stuff!!

Love this

I'm an expecting mom and my boobs and nipples have been feeling sore, heavy, etc. I use it right after I get out the shower and I love it. It causes less pain in my breast and nipples so I'm satisfied!

Review prt. 2

I HAD!! To come on here again because I just noticed something right now. This oil also helps with stretch marks on your inner thighs next to your yoni. I just noticed that my purple reddish brownish stretch marks that I got on my second pregnancy are white now and you can barely see them 😱
Like I said, I'm shocked. That's crazy..
Please keep making this oil🌺💕

I recommend this product

For anyone who is suffering with what is listed above this is a perfect remedy it has helped my yoni out so much and I feel super refreshed every day I use it on my face morning and night as well my skin is super clear. At times as a lady you get tiny little rips and cuts down there out of nowhere and this helps so much to heal the inflammation and irritation.

This Yoni oil is the truth!

This snatch box yoni oil helps exactly what it says it helps out with I am shocked. This lovely oil is a must on your website. You got a customer for life this is the only oil I will buy from anyone. Please keep it stocked don't change the ingredients this is a magical potion for my kitty 😸

Holy Grail for your BOOBS

Just like there is yoni oil and yoni steams and yoni pearls to remove cysts fibroids balance your pH levels etc this oil is the exact same thing but only for your boobs I feel. I've had a lump on my breast for 5 to 6 years. Nothing seems to show up on a ultrasound and I was rejected for a mammogram because of my young age. I felt stressed in regards to not having any options on how to deal with the lump on my left breast let alone know What it IS that I was dealing with.. I'M A STRONG BELIEVER OF NATURAL MEDICINE AND HERBALISM. When I saw this on your website I thought I'd give it a try and see if it might help me. After applying five to six drops three times a day for 7 days I feel it working. It's a strange feeling to describe because it's deep inside of my breast tissue. But I can feel as if something is healing. the pain on my left breast is slowly going away and I strongly believe it could be possibly minimizing whatever it is that I have. I have a strange good feeling that it's helping the lump on my breast. Please restock this boob oil. There's nothing else out there that's natural organic herbalistic plant-based that helps with lumps and cysts on your breast like there is care out there for your yoni.

I was a little hesitant to try this at first due to previous products from other vendors. However, I love this facial moisturizer. I use it at night and my face is so smooth, and smells great. The scent isn't too overpowering, but you can definitely smell the rose which I love. A little goes a long way so I'm sure I'll have this jar for a while.

I love this soap it smells so good and lather really well. Please restock this one again.


Absolutely love the smell of the oil. This was my first time trying the oil and I must say I will be ordering again.
Great Product!!

Best soap ever!!!

This is my second time using the soap and i truly believe in it!! Keeps me smelling good all day! No odor and my husband can tell the difference! :)
Will be ordering more when the site restock! Can't wait!!

I love scrubs I have tried a lot of different brands but the oatmeal scrub by granted beauty is the bomb if you want to spoil and love on yourself try this I guarantee you will buy it again I thank you for your natural products cause people say their product is the real thing THIS IS THE REAL THING

This made me horny as f***

What the hell is in this? Is smells so intoxicating and made me flow like the ocean 🌊. If your milkshake 🍧don't bring all the boys to the yard (Kelis), this oil will. Buy it! Trust me.

The lavender baby bar was really nice. I loved it I can’t wait to order some more. It left my skin feeling fresh and squeaky clean 🥰. I used it on my 4 year old as well and couldn’t have been any more happier with this soap.

Love this soap

I got this soap for my mom’s as a gift and she loves everything about it. We can’t wait to buy this soap again.