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Snatch Box
Ebony Little
The best soap yet

I have been purchasing this soap for the past 2 years now and it never disappoints me!

Great body Scrub

I use the coffee scrub on my body particularly my arms, elbows, and knees. I love that it is smooth and natural you can actually smell the coffee in the scrub and it’s not heavily scented down. It lathers well when mixed with water and rinses off easily laving no residue behind. My skin feels fresh and clean.

I recommend trying all of Granted Beauty’s products if one can especially if they are in stock get them while one can! The fact they keep selling out should clue one in on how great their products are. I stocked up on their soap for six-months after the pandemic because they kept selling out so quickly.

Glowing Skin

Look heah! If you have any issues with blemishes on your face, hand, arms, knees, etc.. this scrub is one you need to try. I ordered it back in 2020 during the pandemic and I have not used any other scrub on my face since then. I have my younger sister using and now our mother uses it (on her hands- we call her the Butter Lady :)). This scrub is a must have in my skin care regimen I use it two to three times a week because I love how clean, clear and vibrant my face feels and looks. Try it you will not be disappointed.

Beautiful Product

I’ve been using Genie Yoni Buffer for a little more than 2 years now and I still have no complaints. It’s super smooth and does not irritate my skin at all. I’ve tried using before and after I shape up. Using it before my shape-up and it made a huge difference in my skin afterwards I had no redness, no tingling-nothing and my skin feels smooth. In using t after my shape-up and shower my skin feels a little more silkier and smooth with the same results if I shape-up before my shower. The Genie Yoni Buffer is a staple I will keep in my self care regimen for the future.

Boobie Juice Bundle 2oz
Symphony Johnson

Great products

Sex Drive Bar
Symphony Johnson

It’s pretty good so far

Smells divine

I have very dry , sensitive skin. I love all of granted beauty soaps .
This bar has really helped during my itchy flares
The Lavender baby bar is gentle and smells so good but not over powering . Suds up with and did I mention it smells great .

Goddess Yoni Bar
Monique M
Love! Love! Love!

I have been using the Goddess Yoni Bar for almost two years. I love the ways it smells and it leaves me feeling so fresh and clean. ❤️❤️❤️

Pure Turmeric
D Hilbert
My go to face bar

I absolutely love the turmeric bar from Granted Beauty. It doesn’t irritate my skin or leave it feeling dried out.

GSpot Yoni Bar

I LOVE this soap!!! It smells good and leaves you feeling squeaky clean!!! I love it for all over my body! ... However, the best benefit of the GSpot Yoni Bar, in my opinion, is the strengthening of the pelvic floors. I didn't know mine were weak prior to using this soap 😫. This soap is guaranteed to give u that "snappa" , "soul snatcher"!!!!😻😻💦💦💦

Coffee Shower Scrub
Tamara Houston

This scrub is the best it tightens the skin. Also the skin has a mazing glow my dark spots are vanishing I love this pls try it

GSPOT yoni bar
Tamara Houston
My fave

I love this soap so much it gives you the cleanest feeling you never have to worry about odors with this soap and it keeps the appearance of my vagina like I’m a young girl again lol..

Pure Turmeric
Tamara Houston
a wonderful experience

This soap is the best my face stays so clear and smooth I would advise you to give it a try u won’t be disapointed

Sex Drive Bar
Kweilin Beckner

I really did not like this one I had brought one in the past and it lasted a long time. But this one I have I don't know what was done differently but it's googie and falls apart I love the sex drive soap but just not this one

Vsteam Cleansing Blend
Kweilin Beckner

The steam is very good I only did ten mins for my first time but it worked

Pink Salt Facial Steam
Brianna Whitehead
Facial steam

Love the facial steam it keeps my face moisurized through out the day.

Cloud Nine Glow Serum
Cloud 9 Glow Serum

Man, let me tell u something! This stuff right here, is like gold in a bottle. If u want to GLOW and have radiant skin like a true Queen, this is what u need and want!!! OMG, my face loves this stuff!!! I use it 2x a day, morning and night, right after I wash my face with the pure tumeric soap bar. My face is so smooth, clear and radiant!!!!! Get u some sis!!!!! U might wanna stock up cause u gone be mad if u run out and the site is sold out 🥴 (been there, done that 🤣)

Body Toner

I didn't even know this was something I needed. I just be trying stuff, and I'm so glad I tried this! I use this all over my body, after shower. I let it seep into my pores and then I rub it in. It's very light. It moistens the skin and makes u feel fresh and soft. I love it!!!!

GSPOT yoni bar
G-Spot Bar

I love the sent & the way it lathers on my skin. Since using natural soaps, my cramps have become none existent during my cycle. Only negative is that the bars are small compared to other natural soaps I have used. I ordered multiple and they are all different sizes. 😢

Sex Drive Bar
Shilicia Harris

I just used this for the first time and I’m literally a walking faucet 😂

Honey Oatmeal Bar
Wonderful effects

This bar is magnificent on the skin, after your bath you immediately feel the difference after first use. Definitely recommend.

Genie Yoni Butter
D Hilbert
Lovely scent and very nice moisturizer

The scent is very soft and delicate! It goes on nice and absorbs right into the skin. My skin felt so smooth, after application.

Yoni Gel (Choose One)
Vanessa J.
Goddess Wash is the truth!

I wanted to take the time out to write this review because Granted Beauty is amazing. I ordered the Goddess wash about a month and half ago and it has delivered everything it describes. It keeps you clean and fresh and balanced. Since using for the past month I have had no issues down there. Also there really should be a warning lable on this because it really does help when trying to conceive. My husband and I had been trying for months. Constant use of the first month and just like that we are pregnant! Everyone's situation is different but using that wash was the only thing different that we had done. I just want to thank Granted Beauty for her amazing products. Will definitely be ordering again.

Goddess Yoni Bar
Quintiana Wilborn

I haven’t received the package yet but I always order this bar and I can’t live without it. I want nothing else for my body I’m in love and I will go crazy if I dnt get my soap please please please love ya

This is everything!

This is hands down best yoni soap I've ever had. It helped my acne, my dark spots, ingrowns... I'm in love with this soap for the benefits, but it most definitely lives up to its name as well.