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Snatch Box
Cherelle Mills

Okay, so I was curious about this brand and soap, that I drove all the way there and back to purchase. To make a long story short, I got home and got straight to it lol! I felt the cleanest I've ever felt, and the smell had me in love. It literally does EXACTLY what is said in the description😏😻 so Ladies, be prepared to have to fight bae off after this🤣. I was shocked, legit. Def worth the time and experience to go and buy! Will be coming back, but I'm being VERY gentle with my use of it (it lathers REALLY good) no need to go crazy ♥️

Pure Turmeric
Bianca Jackson
Best soap EVERRR

Literally the best soap hands down, Brightens the skin keeps it glowing and clears the skin just the way you it thank god for granted beauty

Luminous Gem Bar
Love this

Love this bar. Got one for myself and one for my mom.we both love it!

Pure Turmeric
Love this

I love the way this soap makes my skin feel. Fresh and clean and does not leave my skin feeling dry.

The smell of oregano is overpowering and doesn’t smell so great.

I really hate leaving bad reviews especially when it comes to black owned businesses. But this oil will have you smelling like a pizzeria. It’s definitely not what I expected. I’m a little disappointed and dissatisfied with my oil. Maybe add a few drops of peppermint oil and or a citrus oil to lighten up the smell.

Hi Rhe, thank you for taking the time to leave a review. I am sorry that you did not enjoy the scent of the snatch box yoni oil. This oil blend was designed specifically for vaginal natural antibiotic for issues such as combating yeast, fighting bacteria, and more. Thank you for Amy our suggestion on additions to make this formula smell better but unfortunately those things will compromise this recipe. We do offer another Yoni oil called sex drive that may be more to your liking. Thank you for your business.

Love for the body

I love everything I have ever bought from granted beauty it has made a difference for my body and a little more extra love for the body thank you for your products because it does what it says it will do as long as your in business I will support you women power❤️


Haven’t used yet I will let how it is


I purchased this bar to use for my daily face wash regiment and it has my skin so clear and bright. People tell me that I’m glowing I’ve even had someone ask me if I was wearing makeup when I wasn’t this soap is amazing!!!!!

Snatch Box
AFter Sex Necessity

Listen I am a first time Customer. I used snatch box after using my dildo. And I have used it after sec with my partner! THIS RIGHT HERE IMMA NEED MY OWN DAMN LOAF(EXCUSE my language and excitement) and if you do Anal this is so refreshing to use after.

Snatch Box
Nora Vinson
One Satisfied babe

I love your products. Very satisfied with the snatchbox, klitty spray, sex drive oil and soap.

This crub is great ,I love the smell just something about coffee.anyway I tried the soap and that turned out to be the best.. but after I tried the scrubbed I'm hooked I will buy again.

smells amazing, i love every soap on this site

NewNu Citrus Toner Facial Cleanser
Fatima Parker
So Fresh, SoClean Clean

Awesomely wonderful liquid soap. You don’t need much and it lathers well. Face feels very clean afterwards.

Very moisturizing and smells amazing

Giving me my ENTIRE life!!

This butter is light and moisturizing and non-greasy and it smells just like strawberry buttercream icing. I almost ate it. It smells so good I immediately ordered me a second jar. This butter has me feeling luxurious.

Genie Foaming Yoni Wash
Morgan Timberlake
The best soap foam!

This is the best soap!!!!!!!!! This aint nothing but the truth!!!!!! So glad i order this! Will definitely be ordering some more!!!!!

Sex Drive Wash
Danielle Horry
This wash is the biznizz

I love this body wash so much! It smells so good and leaves you feeling squeaky clean without that stripped feeling. I'm halfway through the bottle and stopped using it cause I only have the one bottle. I can't wait to order more!

Snatch Box Yoni Oil
Sabrina Oladapo
He wont stop talkin about how bomb it tastes!

Listen to me! Get this oil!!! I put this on everyday during my shower. My man got a taste & when I say he cannot stop going on and on about how bomb it was. He said I taste literally like a bomb ass meal. He can’t describe it, but he said it was “delightful” and like nothing he’s ever had before. I also use it after sex and it keeps her nice and calm, smooth & no irritations! A month ago I randomly got a yeast infection and I put this on and it calmed my symptoms right away! It didnt cure it but it relieved me until I could get the over the counter stuff. Listen, this stuff is the truth & on the next restock im ordering 2 because I wont be out here without this stuff ever again!!

Love Spell Body Oil
Laporsia Davis
Love spell body oil

First off let me say, I am so glad my BF introduced me to her line of products! I have bought so many of her products and NOT ONE has disappointed me!!! From the sunrise pineapple body butter, to the sex drive soap and oil, and now this love spell body oil😩 it smells just like the lotion from VS which is my favorite scent but only lighter! Everything leaves my skin so smooth and soft! I just received the tumeric soap bar so I will review that once I am done! The oats and honey soap bar did wonders for my face so Ik the turmeric bar is going to be 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Boobie Juice
Ms. Simone
Boobie Bar and Juice

Thank you for the tools to care for my breasts in a special way. I love the way my body is responding to them. I'll come back with an update soon.

Snatch Box
Ms. Simone
Healing tools for self care

Thank you. Loving Snatchbox- cleared a skin irritation I had all over my body. I am so grateful. This is a staple in my medicine cabinet from now on. Thank you.

Pure Turmeric
Dione Bowden

I purchased this for my son for his face. He uses it everyday. It has helped his breakouts.

Sunrise Pineapple Body Oil
Dione Bowden

I love the pineapple oil!!!
I wish it came in a bigger size.

NewNu Citrus Toner Bar
Kemisha Solomon

Love this soap, it lathers well and leaves my skin feeling refreshed after each use

Buy It 💚

I have very sensitive skin.. products in stores broke my face out, triggering my psoriasis. Every product I’ve purchased from Granted Beauty did what it was made for.