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Snatch batch soap 🧼😌🔥

Luv the snatch batch soap 🧼 will definitely be buying more 😉

Goddess Yoni Bar
Love it here

I love this soap. It's nothing like it.


This soap is the truth. I feel fresh all day, No PROBLEMS. Granted beauty thank you..I ordered more products can’t wait to try them out!! Oh and let not even talk about the Newnu Citrus toner bar <3 <3

As described

It does exactly what it says it's supposed to do. Great product!

Would not recommend for the face

I am no stranger to skincare from a professional and consumer's view. This cleansing oil is very irritating and i do not have sensitive skin. My guess would be too much lavender (can be a known skin irritant). Im a little darker than brown skin black woman and my face was turning red and itchy.Very rarely does my skin turn red. However, I give 3 stars bc I LOVE it for my feet. It has my feet sooo soft. I put in on before bed and in the morning before socks. Will definitely repurchase for my feet

Best body wash ever!

I absolutely love this body wash! I can’t wait to order more!!


I have used all of GB’s soaps, and when I saw this one, I was intrigued by the mold. Listen, I used it through my whole cycle and it left me feeling and smelling clean, and it helped shorten the days and minimize cramping. I’m 100% convinced this soap is the truth! I’m going to try the gel as well! Thank you so much! P.S. Follow up with the Klitty Refresh Spray and Snatched Box’am, your 😺 will be on level Elite!


I’ve had so many issues with soaps and burning since becoming pregnant. This soap is awesome! It works wonders!! Now the only thing I’ll use on my sensitive yoni.

Sex Drive for Sexy Time

I was using the Snatch Box bar and I am in love with it. However, I decided to switch it up one night with my boo and pulled out this secret weapon. Honey Chile! My lady parts smelled what he called delicious and the juices were flowing! We didn’t want to stop. I recommend every lady have a Sex Drive bar tucked away for the switch up. I’m ordering more! I love that every product is natural. I’m never going back to store bought soap again. Thanks Granted Beauty!

It works

Love this soap and oil it definitely works.

Love it!

I absolutely love this soap. I get so many compliments on my skin. It feels amazing and leaves my skin feeling refreshed.


I am addicted tbh. I feel so clean and refreshed! It’s amazing. God bless.


This oil is the BEST! It really tightens!!!!!! Had me feeling like a born again virgin! Lol. Seriously! Perfect for after sex, leaves your vagina feeling calm, soothed and super smooth. Definitely worth the money! All of granted beauty products are the TRUTH!

Feel Godly!

This is my favorite soap to use on my entire body! Literally leaves you feeling like a goddess after use! I love the smell of this soap! My whole body feels so smooth and my feet are like baby soft! Definitely worth it!


This soap is the absolute TRUTH! My man literally can’t stop saying how good I smell and taste! Lol. I also use it on my underarms and let me tell you I basically don’t need to wear deodorant anymore. And absolutely zero irritation when using it to shave. Not one ingrown hair and no itch when hair grows back. Best soap EVER!

Box is Snatched!

This soap is better than it sounds! A++! The smell is amazing and the soap lathers better than any other soaps! Definitely one of my favorites.

The truth!

I have an autoimmune disorder that makes essentially bleaches your private areas causes vaginal dryness, and patches of irritation and redness. I’ve used medicated soaps (they burned), used gentle facial cleansers but they run out fast. I used this and it stopped my flare up and didn’t cause any irritation!!! Currently a slip and slide too lol. You have a customer for life 😍 buy this y’all it’s worth it and more!


This is the true ok!!!! I love it after the first use I can't wait to try Sex Drive. Man I'm so glad I made this purchase 🙌

Best ever!!

This is the best product I have ever used for my private parts!! I was skeptical at first because of other products, but baby this soap is the truth and I love it!!!

Get right!

The Gspot soap get you right!!! I love it, he loves it we love it🤣🤣🤣. Does the job as it says definitely a staple soap of mine!


All I’m sayin’ is you did that sis. Periodt.

Snatchbox Bar

Lovely scent and cleans well.

Goddess Bar

I enjoy the thorough cleanliness of this bar!

Feel so refresh

I loveeee this wash. It has you skin feeling so clean & especially with the peppermint makes it even better. Will be purchasing more!

Everything is awsome

Highly satisfied.! Nice size for your money. Hint: cut them in had to get longer use