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Bare Neck



You can not take control of your skin until you understand your skin type. The basic skin types are normal, dry, oily or combination. It is important to note that your skin type can also change with the seasons. 

Normal skin is exactly what it sounds like, NORMAL. This skin is nice and smooth. You can enjoy being acne free and little to no sensitivity when using different products. 

Dry skin is DANGEROUS (LOL) Your skin will appear flaky like it is peeling or you may have red patchy skin. If your skin is dry you may have the feeling that your skin is always irritated. 

Oily skin always appear that it has been moisturized. This means that your skin is working over time adding natural oils. You may also notice that since your oil glands are over producing, that your skin is more acne prone.

Combination skin is a mixture of all the different skin types. Some areas may be oily, some dry patches and some normal. With this skin type you may notice easy breakouts in the same area all of the time. 

No matter what your skin type is, you need a skin care routine. See our skincare routine blog to start a regimen TODAY!




Your skin is beautiful and it deserves a skin care routine. Great skin takes time and does not just happen overnight. Some doctors recommend giving your routine 28-42 days to see the great results that you desire. No matter what, You will need to build and maintain a skin care routine that is personal to you. 


There are many steps that can be applied in your skincare routine. This routine is short and sweet to get you started and on the right track to a more complex routine. REMEMBER THE BIG 3! CLEANSE, TONE,  and MOISTURIZE! These simple 3 steps should be followed EVERY DAY! You will notice great results with this consistent routine once or twice a day no matter what your skin type is.


CLEANSE- I didn’t think that I had to say this but here it goes... WASH YOUR FACE! Simple. Washing your face twice daily with a facial cleanser or soap removes dirt and every day build up that clogs your pores.


TONE- This step is great for getting rid of or keeping acne away. Toning corrects and balance your skins pH. There is no need for you to buy expensive toners. You can use products that you may already have at home such as aloe or witch hazel.


MOITURIZE- This steps is just good for your overall skin health. It helps to lock in moisture to the skin leaving it nice and hydrated. Especially for those with dry skin. 


Moral of the story is... Get a skin care routine! Even if it’s only these short 3 steps you will notice improvement in your skins health.