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Snatch Box

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The benefits of this yoni bar includes eliminating and Preventing Bacteria, Fighting Candida, Reducing Pain and Inflammation, Promoting Skin health, natural relief from bacterial vaginosis, Natural Antibiotic, Keeps vagina tight and more. This bar is great for after sex to help get rid of bad bacteria or pain. Safe for full body!


Ingredients include Clove, Oregano, Tea Tree, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Much More 

Designs and colors vary. Photo shown is only a stock photo and comes with one bar of soap

Customer Reviews

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Very refreshing!

I tried the snatch box soap for the first time after my cycle and I felt super clean. It lathers very well and smells amazing. The oregano within the soap def helped with the usual pain I would have during my cycle. No smell or anything. Def will purchase again !

The Truth

This soap is the truth! It is in a league of its own. It keeps you fresh and odor free ALL DAY…. Yes, even in the summer. I am so confident when I bathe with this soap.

Cherelle Mills

Okay, so I was curious about this brand and soap, that I drove all the way there and back to purchase. To make a long story short, I got home and got straight to it lol! I felt the cleanest I've ever felt, and the smell had me in love. It literally does EXACTLY what is said in the description😏😻 so Ladies, be prepared to have to fight bae off after this🤣. I was shocked, legit. Def worth the time and experience to go and buy! Will be coming back, but I'm being VERY gentle with my use of it (it lathers REALLY good) no need to go crazy ♥️

AFter Sex Necessity

Listen I am a first time Customer. I used snatch box after using my dildo. And I have used it after sec with my partner! THIS RIGHT HERE IMMA NEED MY OWN DAMN LOAF(EXCUSE my language and excitement) and if you do Anal this is so refreshing to use after.

Nora Vinson
One Satisfied babe

I love your products. Very satisfied with the snatchbox, klitty spray, sex drive oil and soap.

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