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Boobie Juice Oil Only


Breast Massage Oil and Soap 

Ingredients- Cucumber seed oil, FENUGREEK, LAVENDER, Frankincense, Carrot Seed Oil AND HERBAL OIL INFUSION

This oil can also help to reduce breast pain, firm breast, reduce scar tissue, stimulate circulation, increase sexual arousal, relieve stress, Improve breast appeal and so much more. This oil will also help to regulate hormones. 


How to use - Spread a few drops on your HAND AND MASSAGE INTO BREAST AT LEAST FIVE MINUTES. Massage breast in a circular motion.


For breast enlargement- Lay down and massage breast with oil for at least 10-15 minutes. Can be used daily. 

For increase milk production (Breastfeeding Supermoms)- Best use after a steamy shower. Apply moist heat to breast. Spread a few drops in hand and rub each breast for at least 5 minutes. Massage milk towards the nipple.  Recommended use once a day. May continue or stop use when you get to desired production amount. 


Customer Reviews

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Ms. Simone
Boobie Bar and Juice

Thank you for the tools to care for my breasts in a special way. I love the way my body is responding to them. I'll come back with an update soon.

Listen !!!!!

This boobie juice is the truth !!!! I’ve been dealing with nipple thrush for over a month. I started using this on a Friday and it was cleared up by Monday. Now I use it in the regular. You changed the game with this one !!!!

Love this

I'm an expecting mom and my boobs and nipples have been feeling sore, heavy, etc. I use it right after I get out the shower and I love it. It causes less pain in my breast and nipples so I'm satisfied!

Holy Grail for your BOOBS

Just like there is yoni oil and yoni steams and yoni pearls to remove cysts fibroids balance your pH levels etc this oil is the exact same thing but only for your boobs I feel. I've had a lump on my breast for 5 to 6 years. Nothing seems to show up on a ultrasound and I was rejected for a mammogram because of my young age. I felt stressed in regards to not having any options on how to deal with the lump on my left breast let alone know What it IS that I was dealing with.. I'M A STRONG BELIEVER OF NATURAL MEDICINE AND HERBALISM. When I saw this on your website I thought I'd give it a try and see if it might help me. After applying five to six drops three times a day for 7 days I feel it working. It's a strange feeling to describe because it's deep inside of my breast tissue. But I can feel as if something is healing. the pain on my left breast is slowly going away and I strongly believe it could be possibly minimizing whatever it is that I have. I have a strange good feeling that it's helping the lump on my breast. Please restock this boob oil. There's nothing else out there that's natural organic herbalistic plant-based that helps with lumps and cysts on your breast like there is care out there for your yoni.

BArbara THomas
Haven’t received order

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